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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an adjunctive technique that uses hypnosis to assist in the treatment of specific symptoms or health conditions.


Hypnotherapy works by inducing a hypnotic state marked by waking consciousness that allows people to experience detached, external attention and focus on internal experiences.


How does the treatment work?

First Consultation

First we make a first appointment that I will do an anamnesis. From there we will decide if hypnosis treatment will be the best way to treat your problem.

First Session

In this first session we will begin to introduce hypnotherapy into your life, preparing you for the great positive changes that will come from this treatment!


With advances in Hypnotherapy, combined with the Ultra Revolutionary method I use, the problems detected are usually treated in a maximum of 3 sessions!

Trouble sleeping, insomnia, sleepwalking

Hypnosis can be a useful tool if you are sleepwalking or have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep…



Chronic pain.


Quit smoking.


Weight loss.

Traumas, phobias, disorders, syndromes, anxiety, chronic pain, quitting smoking, weight loss.









It will be a great pleasure to serve you and help resolve whatever your situation may be.

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